Tuesday, September 23, 2014

GWP Day Details and a CONTEST!!!


We're in the final stretch to National GIRLS WHO PRINT Day. I fly in to Chicago Saturday morning, and will be hanging out in the Printerverse, Booth 4267, beginning Sunday to meet and greet all of you.

I want to put some things in one location for you, so that no matter where you are in the country, you're able to connect to the event, and with each other!  At the bottom of this email, you'll also find some COOL CONTEST INFO! (Prizes involved!)

Here are your links, so keep this email handy!

Click here to watch LIVE!

How to watch live online:
We'll be broadcasting all the activities live online. You can watch panel discussions live, submit questions in real time, or come back later and watch the recordings.

Click for GWP Day Scheule

Schedule for National GIRLS WHO PRINT Day: 

 The day begins with our girl Trish Witkowski of  "60-Second Fold of the Week" video fame at 11:00 a.m.  Click on the Printnado image to see the rest of the schedule and set alerts to be able to watch online if you're not going to be there.

Visit the GWP  Official Online Shop

GIRLS WHO PRINT Online Shop:  

Yes, there really is one! You've all asked for shirts & stuff for years, so I've finally put up a shop on CafePress where you can get odds'n'ends of things with the GWP logo. Please don't feel like you have to buy anything. If you buy a mug, I might end up with a dollar or less, so it's not a big deal to me financially. (Unless you're buying, like, a thousand of 'em at once - LOL) Use promo codes or any discount you can find online and pay as little as possible. You can usually get a code for 20% off when you visit the site.  We'll be giving some of this stuff as PRIZES in our Facebook contest, so be sure and enter!


The First Annual GIRLIE Award: 

 We are very excited about this annual award, and you need to be watching online during our GWP Luncheon to see who wins! And yes...there will be a tiara!

Sign Up - We're a Friendly Bunch!


We need all the extra sets of hands and friendly faces we can get. While we really need extra people on Tuesday, we also need help scanning on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday, so if you have a little time, please come help us! No bathing suit required - regular clothes are fine!! 

Click on the photo to register to volunteer - it really is a lot of fun! You'll make new friends and meet a ton of interesting people - come help us out!!

And...Announcing the GWP DAY Poster Contest!

Click Here and Enter the FB Poster Contest!

PRIZES?? Of course there are PRIZES!!

GWP Tee Shirts!
 Click here to see more!


Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve
Tanks, Sweats, Hoodies,
even Maternity and Plus Size!

A selection of colors and styles. 
There will be two winners.

Just upload your picture on the FB page with the GWP poster, and your name will be entered in a drawing.

GWP Mugs and Drinkware - Click here to see more!

Mugs. Water Bottles.
Thermos Bottles.
Glasses. A variety of sizes and colors.
There will be FOUR winners.

Just "like" or share any of the poster photos, and your name will be entered into a drawing for the prizes!

Contest is live NOW!

The deadline has been 
extended to 
THURSDAY, SEPT 25 - 5:00 PM Central Time. 

Go to the FB page NOW and post your photos! 

Not a Facebook kinda person? 
Just email your photos to me at marybethsmithTX@gmail.com
and I'll post it and enter you in the contest, OK?!  :)

AND...don't forget to download your poster 
by clicking on its picture below! 

Click anywhere in the image to download 
your free 2014 National GWP Day poster! 
It's available in 2 sizes: 11 x 17 and 13 x 19.
It's also production ready with bleeds and crops, 
so print that baby out!!

If you want to do something fancy, like the giant banner the GSP crew made last year, let me know, and I'll send you a native file.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

6 Ways Students Can Join National GIRLS WHO PRINT Day

I love this WWII-era photo of the women students copying posters. Times have certainly changed. Today, the images would be designed, or at least scanned, and then distributed electronically for digital output.

Did you know that graphic arts educators around the country tell me that 60-80% of their students are now women? The reason most of the women in the photo to the left were doing the work was simply because the men were all away at war.

We love the enthusiasm and energy that our graphic arts students and educators bring to National GWP Day every year. In the past, we've had large groups attend. While there have been budget cuts in many schools that will keep educators from bringing their students this year, there are still some great ways for the students to be part of what we're doing:

1. Coming to Chicago? Great!! Find us in the Printerverse, Booth 4267! Come listen to our educational sessions for FREE, and prepare some questions for our "Meet the Mentors" panel on Tuesday, right after lunch.

2. Can't make it to Chicago? No problem! You can watch everything via live streaming internet broadcast.  
Click here to watch and participate LIVE!

Last year, some of the instructors actually broadcast the mentoring panel live in class and had great discussions. THIS year, we'd like you to do the same thing, but prepare questions and submit them live while you're watching!! Click on the image below to watch the recording of the 2013 panel discussion, and it will give you an idea of what we do! YOU can be part of this no matter where you are!

3. Download your free GWP Day 2014 poster and hang it EVERYwhere!

4. Plan a GWP Day party with your classmates!

5. Take pictures or video of your party and broadcast them via Twitter and Facebook! #GWPDay14

6.  Take a field trip to a local print shop. (Stop for ice cream when you're done!!)

No matter where you are, you are part of the celebration. Come up with some great ideas and send them to me! I've had videos, posters, banners and letters from GWP celebrants around the country, so join the crowd, and don't let your location keep you from celebrating with the women in our industry!

Peace. Love. GWPForever!

:) mb

Monday, September 8, 2014

Like the Oscar. Except more Girlie.

Announcing the First Annual Girlie

Girls Who Print, an international virtual sorority for women in the printing industry, is pleased to announce the first annual Girlie award, which will be presented to an outstanding member of the community during the annual National “Girls Who Print” Day luncheon on Tuesday, September 30.

Now in its third year, National GWP Day is hosted in Print Media Centr’s Printerverse at Graph Expo. Print Media Centr principal Deborah Corn and GWP founder Mary Beth Smith began discussing a way to use the worldwide platform to raise awareness of the contribution of women in print.  Presenting an award seemed logical, so in keeping with the lighthearted nature of GWP,  the concept of the Girlie was born.

While we may not take ourselves too seriously, we DO take our members seriously. Among the criteria used in selecting the first recipient were commitment to communications, strong leadership, a history of mentoring, an eye to the future, and a keen interest in supporting women within the industry.

Who will this year’s Girlie winner be? 

We’re not telling! You will find out at the same time the winner does on Tuesday, September 30. Whether you’re live in Chicago with us, or participating through live streaming video, don’t miss it!

Free. Free is Good.

OK, GWP Nation...

Get busy registering for GRAPH EXPO NOW!

Click on the big red FREE blotch, and you can get in for...

Wait for it...

We're brilliant like that...

See you in Chicago!!

Peace. Love. GWPForever!

:) mb

Thursday, September 4, 2014

How Will YOU Celebrate National GWP Day?

It's definitely time to begin making your plans, since the big day is only a few weeks away!

The first thing you should do is download your FREE  production-ready file of this year's poster! Just click on its image to the right, and you'll be able to pick your size, print it out and start getting creative!

We all know that not everyone can make it to Chicago where we will host live from the Printerverse on the show floor at GRAPH EXPO. Every year, companies and individuals around the country AND outside the USA send us pictures of their celebrations and gatherings.

There are so many that I won't cram them all into this space, but this is one of my favorites from 2013. The nice people at GSP went all out and even made a big banner to honor their GWP employees! Very cool - very cool, indeed!

 Can't wait to hear how YOUR company will celebrate - send pics!!

Peace. Love. GWPForever!

:) mb

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Family Reunion

I don't have a very large extended family. My mother was adopted and had no siblings. My dad had one brother, who had no children. I have one surviving brother. My husband has no siblings, and very few cousins. There is no big band of cousins and relatives on either side of the family.. As a child, I was amazed by the fact that my grandmother had 6 siblings, and my grandfather had 9. Attending a family reunion with them was mind-boggling to me. All those people, all that food, and the chattering of such a crowd created memories that have stayed with me a lifetime, most likely because that kind of family occasion was so foreign to me.

The concept of extended family fascinated me then, and still does. While I may not have had lots of "blood kin", I've always managed to find "family" through church, school, work, neighborhoods, etc., so I've enjoyed the type of reunions that accompany long-standing relationships. Remaining close to people you've known all your life is such a gift.

Every time we gather for National "Girls Who Print" Day, I realize again that WE are an extended family. We've bonded online and in person. Greeting each other in Chicago has become a ritual of hugs and catching up that feels like a family reunion without the potluck dinner! The Printerverse caters the food, while we do the nibbling and chattering.

I love seeing the range of people who attend. We have students just dipping their toe in the waters, women who are enthusiastically building careers, and veterans who willingly and generously share their stories, their wisdom and their advice. 

When I look back on five years of Girls Who Print, I realize how much it means to me to have met so many sisters (and some brothers!) and formed relationships that will last for a lifetime. It's no wonder I'm looking forward to seeing so many of  you in September for OUR family reunion!

I hope to see YOU in Chicago for National "Girls Who Print" Day 2014. Food. Fun. Family. What more could you want in a reunion!

Peace. Love. GWPForever!
:) mb

Monday, July 14, 2014

Management Games

About twenty years or so ago, I came across a cartoon showing a clown standing and juggling in a job interview, while the man across the desk asked him if he had any other management skills besides juggling. I cut it out and taped it on the door of my office, where it lived for several years as a reminder that sometimes work is frequently about juggling more than anything else.

If I were to update that cartoon today, it would look more like this:

Girls Who Print recently crossed our 5th anniversary as a group, as well as passing the 5,000 member mark. In the midst of all my juggling, I haven't really squeezed out the time to reflect on what five years have brought to our group, to our industry, and to all of us as individuals. Since it's about 11:30 at night, and the pup is snoozing beside me in the bed, it seems like a reasonable time to jot down some thoughts.In 2009, when I formed GWP. our industry had moved from anxious to downright agitated. The perfect storm formed by the intersection of  a severe recession and emerging communication technologies hit us hard. I used to get emails almost daily from all over the country asking me for advice on finding printing company jobs. It was very painful to read some of the letters. Skilled workers were willing to move cross-country if they could only find those scarce positions that began disappearing.     By contrast, today in 2014, I seldom get an employment inquiry from the group. People who lose or leave jobs seems to be finding new ones a little more quickly. And, of course, there are those who have simply moved to other industries.

Another interesting by-product of the recession was how much more time people seemed to have for extra-curricular activities like LinkedIn. With a slowed down economy and job loss or hour reductions just as LinkedIn was expanding, another (and better!) perfect storm was created, allowing people from around the country and around the world to network online in professional forums and discussions.

I sometimes wonder if GWP would have taken off the way it did 
were I to start it now when we're all back to our juggling routines!

I'm going to talk a little more about how we've evolved as a group and in the industry over the last five years, but not tonight. My dog is snoring, and I should probably be doing the same thing. My juggling begins in about 6 hours, so I need my rest. Sweet dreams and happy juggling!

Peace.Love.GWP Forever!

:) mb


The Third Annual
National Girls Who Print Day
will be hosted from GraphExpo
on Tuesday, September 30, 2014.

Be watching for the new poster, cool stuff, pictures, 
and whatever else we come up with!!

Dang. I woke myself up.